Wednesday, February 9, 2011

circuit bent synth!

grabbed this baby off the shelves of some thrift store. after dusting it off a little, I begun to dig in, and found this to be a very rewarding circuit bend. check it out!

some circuit bending.

a circuit bent toy I have been messing around with.

wii nunchuck servo/LED control with arduino

so, in this project I am controlling a couple of servo motors with the wii nunchuck along with an LED. the accelerometer is controlling the positions of each servo. instead of destroying the nunchuck, you can purchase the adaptor to connect the nunchuck pins to the arduino. more info and link to product here:

I have posted the arduino source code below:

force sensitive resistor connected to LED's

This was a test using a force sensitive resistor to control the resistance of light into a series of LED's. this type of resistor causes the led's to light up depending on the amount of pressure applied. good application for touch, and floor mat sensors (although a larger FSR is advised for floor pressure)

i have posted the source code below. the flex sensor used 10k resistor grounded, an output to an I/O pin on the arduino, and a connection to positive. it will specify in the code below. enjoy!